Story of Second 2 None Consignments

Story of Second 2 None Consignments

My Consignment Journey

by Lisa Alzaim Wrin


In 2008, I opened Second 2 None Consignments in a small storefront in Pembroke, MA. We started with nothing but a bare space that housed a phone, a computer on a milk crate, and a few pieces of furniture from my own home. I remember sitting on the floor of the store wondering how in the world I was going to fill the 1,000 square foot space. Working seven days a week and with lots of determination and a sense of humor, we filled the store in just a few short months. Second 2 None Consignments was on its way! The store looked beautiful, and people were loving our offerings. At that time, we were only consigning furniture and home décor. I loved my first space. Though small, I was able to learn how to operate a store and understand the ups and downs and ins and outs of running a small business.

I also learned that with each piece of furniture comes a story. Sometimes the story is about newlyweds buying their first home, sometimes it’s about helping a client with the belongings of a loved one who has passed, and other times people are just looking to update or redecorate. Of course, most of our items come from people who are selling their homes, either downsizing or wanting a new look for their new space. Consigning is a great way to pass along your once loved, gently used items while putting money back in your pocket.

Prior to owning Second 2 None Consignments, I was a real estate broker for nearly 25 years. During that time, I recognized that my clients needed help in figuring out what to do with items they could no longer use. It always seemed to be a daunting task. Over my nearly 15 years in the consignment industry, I have worked with many real estate brokers and understand the stresses of the situation for all involved. I work closely with sellers to come up with a strategic plan on how to move along their items as seamlessly as possible. I will come to the home and assess the situation, always cognizant of each person’s unique situation. My established relationships with other vendors, such as organizers, cleanout companies, and movers, can help streamline the process and eliminate unnecessary stress. People trust me with their valued possessions, which I always keep in mind.

Several years later, the growth of my business necessitated that Second 2 None Consignments move into a larger space. The former Eldred Wheeler Furniture store on Rte. 53 in Pembroke fit the bill perfectly. With a highly visible location, the store offered multiple showrooms and had an ideal floor plan for displaying items. We were able to expand our inventory to include rugs and lighting. As time went on, many of our clients asked if we would consider selling jewelry. I had always wanted to open a women’s clothing consignment store, so after studying current market trends and business models, Second 2 None Consignments set its sights on expanding our furniture consignments and opening a women’s high end consignment store. The need for high end consignments and the desire for people to spend money in a “green” business made this a perfect solution for those looking to purchase high quality furniture and women’s fashions.

In the summer of 2021, we found ourselves on the move again. Second 2 None Furniture & Fashion found its new home at Merchants Row in Hanover, a new and trendy retail center offering dining, boutiques, salons and fitness facilities. We reopened our furniture consignment store and launched our beautiful high end fashion store in a prime location right on Rt. 53 in Hanover. Our fashion inventory now includes stylish, on trend women’s (and some men’s) apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories by designers such as Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Versace and many more.

In addition to our new showrooms, we have also launched two new e-commerce websites, so shoppers can either visit the store or shop online from the comfort of their own home.

Over the past 15 years, the resale industry has changed from a “Mom and Pop Shop” into a multibillion-dollar industry. According to NARTS, The Association of Resale Professionals, “While many businesses close their doors every day, resale remains healthy and continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of retail. With new stores entering the industry and current establishments opening additional locations, the industry has experienced a growth—in number of stores—of approximately 7% a year for the past two years.

The idea of upcycling has become mainstream, whether it’s clothing or furniture. Purchasing or selling something that is in cycle has a direct impact on the environment as well as the pocketbook. There is no longer the stigma that went along with buying consignment. Now it’s not only smart, but the responsible way to shop.

Second 2 None Consignments has truly been a labor of love. The past 15 years have been amazing. I could not do it without my dedicated staff. They work very hard and always keep me laughing! I have met wonderful people and have had the chance to work with some amazing companies. 

So if you are looking to buy or are looking to pass along your once loved pieces, please let Second 2 None Consignments Furniture and Fashion guide you through your consigning experience.



Please remember: “Shop Local, Think Green and Save Money.”

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