Hope “Springs” Eternal

Hope “Springs” Eternal


By: Lisa Wrin

Owner of Second 2 None Consignments – Furniture and Fashion


When I hear the word trend I often think of some crazy design or article of clothing that is in one minute and out the next. A season later it’s pushed to the back of your closet. I suppose these could also be considered fads. I believe you can incorporate new items into your wardrobe that can be on trend but also worn in different ways as the season moves forward. You can also give a nod to a fad without taking it to the extreme. Like the puffer jacket, tread sole shoes or cutout design wear.

The following are 5 Spring Trends that can last the test of time.

1. A good vest can go a long way in your wardrobe. Choose a a color that may be different than your typical black or blue man's vest. Perhaps a butter yellow or bright orange. These can be worn alone in the summer with a pair of white jeans. Or over a white blouse with a flowing skirt. For next season pair it with a cashmere sweater and a pair of navy pants. It makes any outfit look more polished and can enhance your silhouette.


2. A maxi dress is the perfect splurge for this season. I see a lot of floral prints coming down the runway. I feel a solid color is fine if you are not into that type of print. These dresses can be worn as is with a great pair of sandals and a fun pair of earrings. Or looking ahead try putting a cardigan or sweater over the dress. Wear with a cute pair of booties and you have traveled in time.


3. The Bermuda short is a bit of a blast from the past but I love wearing these any chance I get. The type that is very wide in the leg and in a cotton, Rayon blend can be great in the warm weather. This type of short almost feels like a skirt. You can wear it with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Pushing into the fall try wearing with a pair of tights and an over sized blazer and wide belt.


4. The kitten heel and a pair of loafers are 2 pair of shoes I feel stands the test of time. These seem to always find their way to fashion week and can be worn in so many ways. For many of us the days of “high” heels may be over. The kitten heel gives you that extended look without the discomfort and can be worn with pants or dress. Would even dress up those Bermuda shorts. Loafers can make any outfit look polished and sophisticated. I love a very masculine looking loafer. However, buying a pair in navy blue or even a pair with a thick sole in cream can be worn year round.


5. A good Jumpsuit can go a long way. I love the way you can dress them up or own. I have a black one that I love. It fits very well and I can change the look by simply adding a pearl earring a chain belt and chunky bracelet. I feel glamed up and ready to go. Other times I might throw a light weight jean jacket on and some flats and I have a totally new look.


Take a look at some of these items and see what might find its way into your wardrobe. I feel we can be in fashion and on trend without feeling like we have to put on a costume to fit in. Work with what you have and build on that.

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