Fall Trends of 2022

Fall Trends of 2022

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“Fall” in Love with Fashion

With Fall upon us, now is a perfect time to reboot your closet. For me, Fall is one of the best seasons to dress for. With cozy sweater weather and crisp cool nights, Autumn is the right season to apply some new trends to your tried-and-true favorites.

Start with the basics. When going through your closets, pull the pieces that really speak to you. Perhaps several cashmere sweaters, nice turtlenecks, and collared shirts in white and denim.  A couple of print scarves, leather, or suede booties, a pair of loafers will make for a great start.

I say try everything on. Be sure the pieces fit and are in very good condition. If items need to be cleaned, now is the time.

Once you have all your basics picked out, start layering your wardrobe with some on trend pieces. The fashions for Fall 2022 are eclectic and diverse.

A must for this fall is a leather jacket. We see the comeback of the bomber Jacket. In leather or even a fun plaid this can be a staple to any wardrobe. An oversized suit coat is a must for any closet. Again, in leather this makes a statement and can be worn over a wide leg jean or a flowy vintage skirt. It’s current yet still gives a nod to the classic blazer. This in a creamy Carmel color is a good choice. Layered with a turtleneck and cozy scarf these looks can bring you right through the winter. Wide leg pants have once again made their way to our closets. They are comfortable and can transition easily from day to night.  These are seen in a variety of fabrics including leather, denim, and satin. Shirts and sweaters with a puffy or layered sleeve are on trend and are a bit more feminine. Another fun trend this year is a bit of bling! I love it. We have all been held back over the last few years and it feels right to allow ourselves a little glam! Vintage is also a wardrobe must. A flowy skirt or a worn pair of cowboy boots are always a fun find.

This season is about women empowering themselves through their wardrobe. You are going to see items from flowing sheer dresses, pink skirts with white tank tops to an equestrian look from head to toe. Some are choosing an all-leather look. It is edgy and always strikes a pose.

When it comes to fashion, I feel this is the one year we all needed the most. As we step away from the lounge look of yesterday and transition into a culture that so wants to allow ourselves the freedom to express who we are as a people. Fall of 2022 rings hope to the diversity and similarities that lye in each of us.

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Lisa Wrin



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