Frequently Asked Questions

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Why consign? 


Consigning is a great way to make room in your home, put money in your pocket and we take all the effort out of trying to sell furnishings yourself. 


What kind of items do we accept? 


Here at Second 2 None we are looking for your once loved, gently used furniture and home décor pieces. This can include items such as dressers, tables, chairs and accent pieces. Upholstered pieces are always welcomed but must be in excellent condition. These items must be free of stains, tears and odors. We do not take items from the home of smokers. All wooden pieces should be free of major scratches and repairs. 


When can I bring my items in? 


All consignments are by appointment only. We must see a photo of the item, as this will help us to better assess your pieces. Digital photos can also be sent to us via email at:


How is a price set? 


We work together with you the consigner to come up with a fair market price. Remember, you can only make money if the item sells. We hope to put as much money back in your pocket as we can. Keep in mind we also need to pay close attention to market factors. We don’t want your items to go unsold due to unrealistic pricing. 


How long can I consign a piece and how does mark down work? 


An item is consigned for a total of 90 days. The price is reduced by 10% every 30 days. If your item does not sell within the 90 day period you have ten days from the end of the contract to pick up your piece. If items are not picked up within that time frame the item becomes the property of Second 2 None. We reserve the right to mark an item down by an additional 20% for special sales and events. 


Most importantly – How do I get paid? 


Consignors are paid 50% of the selling price. Just give us a call and we can put you in queue for a check; checks are written on the 15th of each month. Thank you for considering us as your consignment source! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with you. – Lisa



For any items to be considered for consignment, please send an email with photo(s) to: 

For questions or comments, call or send us a message below.